An Invocation to Begin

Ding Ding Ding, did somebody hear the bell? 6 years out of school but a life time of September starts still shakes up the need for a new pencil case and well a new man. I have been busily preparing for this year’s assignment, binging on 6 seasons of ‘Sex and the City’ in my underwear while eating popcorn and drinking diet coke (like the true model I am not).

Things are changing and the friends who didn’t move to London are settling down and getting mortgages while I’m dancing around throwing pixie dust over myself. A partner would be nice but there is the dating mine field to navigate. It seems to get a little more complicated as we get older (very fitting with the rest of life). Technology has made things trickier instead of easier; makeup has made covering the blemishes the norm instead of accepting our imperfections and with a sea of singletons how do we find our match?

I’m going to into cyber space and trying the conventional (and free) dating apps, 3…2…1…BLAST OFF.

Photography by: Mary Lennox