Coffee Dates

Day time coffee dates are a little trickier than your evening drink as you don’t have the aid of delayed judgement and Dutch courage to see you though. The nice thing is you know nothing’s going to happen apart from making plans for an evening date.

Coffee dates in my mind are what you have with friends when you want to debrief about the actual date, the what happened, what did he say conversation. So how do you have a catch up with someone you’ve never met…

  • Beginnings start with niceties: Hey how are you?; how is your day going?; have you had a busy week?; do you normally get the chance to escape out the office?
  • When they ask you what you do… DO NOT GET TECHNICAL… high-level is interesting. If they want to know more they will ask.
  • If you have gone for the coffee & cake and decided not to share, offer a taste of yours after you take your first bite. “Mmmm, that is so tasty would you like to try some? *flutters eyelashes*”
  • Have you got much else planned for the rest of the week?… YES YES YOU DO… you are an interesting person who has things in the diary… what that is it up to you.
  • Mention a cocktail bar, pub restaurant you have been to/ would like to go to… discuss (it might come in useful later).
  • At some point (especially if you are British) the weather will come up. Acknowledge the weather, describe it to each other but do not make it what you talk about otherwise your next date might as well be standing in a queue to land of lonely people.
  • If you want to see them again plan your evening date on your coffee date. How about we check out that cocktail bar we were talking. (How about that, what a good job you mentioned that earlier).

Photography by: Mary Lennox

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