Let me introduce you to the FILDI Philosophy coined by Ze Frank. It is of the let’s think about the consequences later philosophies… Fuck It Lets Do it. This is ones of the philosophies better actioned in pairs, hence the ‘lets’ in the FILDI. When you’re contemplating a trip; a night out; fun indulgence of any type.

This is a good time to note the difference between ‘Impulsive’ and ‘Spontaneous’. There is a very important separation and UNinterchangeability between the two. Impulsive refers to an incontrollable impulse to act yet spontaneity refers to an unanticipated action decided in the moment but with consideration of the repercussions. One is sustainable and an attractive characteristic one is slightly more dangerous and definitely reckless. You can work it out.

In my mind if you haven’t got a reason as to why not then FILDI.


Photo By: Tyron Lebon
Models: Georgia May Jagger & Charlotte Free

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