Ankles are Collarbones to Die For

If you’re all covered up this Autumn Winter then slip a little skin of elegance. Ankles and Collarbones of all ages are welcome to the party. There is something so delicate and sexy about the two and they make just as much impact in the night as in the day.

To accentuate do as the Kardashians do and contour. Highlighter on the bone and bronzer in the crevice and if you’re wearing something lower cut do the same on the sternum.

So what are we wearing:

Trousers: Cigarette or Culottes

Tops: Off the shoulder, Low V necks, Oval cuts

Shoes: Slim healed court shoe or Chunky Flat Form

Skirts: Maxi or Midi with a slit open front for extra sex

The thing about this look is that you attract a different type of man he’s called a gentleman…And you can be just a little warmer as the chill comes in.



Model wears: Solacelondon exclusive line at Net a Porter


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