Drunk Punk

Experimentober has Begun; 
Before you say it, no, it’s not too early for a Halloween post. As Christmas decorations phase in even earlier this year are people forgetting about the all important All Hallow’s Eve.

VERY Brief History Lesson: Good old Halloween dates back to around 1745 and two main celebrations. That of the Christian faith to celebrate the dead: All Saints, Martyrs and the faithfully departed. And that of the Celtic festival of Samhain to celebrate the end of the harvest and beginning of the cold dark winter. It’s not clear which came first but the birth and merge of both and migration to America gives us the Halloween that we are used to today.
The reason why I find Halloween so fun is because it gives amplitude room for any kind of expression and exploration. Everything goes. That bold lipstick, back combed hair, 70’s flared trouser, unbronzed skin… it’s time… like literally we’re celebrating the dead so lets bring back dead fashion trends and even better fashion statement.
Some fashion designers *cough cough* Dilara Findikoglu give ample inspiration to the punk, classic goth, old romantic at LFW S/S 2018 runway.  The young designer is stocked at Selfridges – what you see is ready to wear and yes she wears it herself. If you want to experiment October is the month.

And incase that didn’t convince you, enter Sarah Burton representing the King himself Alexander McQueen ready to wear S/S 2018. See structured leather and romantic white lace, clear mesh with black embroidery and yeah so it’s the Spring Summer collection, good things come to those who wait but better things can come to those who don’t. So try something new experimentober might be the new you.

Cover Photography by Jan Lehner

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